What do you need to know about me?

I give you some more information about me, skills, areas of work, etc ...

About Me

I am a young web developer with an overflowing imagination who does not hesitate to try to create differently but in the nails of the trend.
My site, here, brings together many assets of my previous creations between 2009 and 2018. Details present everywhere that do not betray their origin.

Development code
Environment name Knowledge Certification
HTML 5.2
CSS 3.0
JavaScript 8
PHP 7.3
MySQL 8.0
Phyton 3.7.1
Development library
Environment name Knowledge Certification
jQuery 3.3.1
Angular JS 1.7.2
Development framework
Environment name Knowledge Certification
Laravel 5.7.2
Bootstrap 4.1.3

How I work ?

My working method is as follows:
- Create a specification
- Follow the conventions of writing codes
- Use a RoadMap of project progress
- Work with a powerful BugTracker (MantisBT 2.18.0) for project management
- [SOON] Work with Laravel framework